Mon December 18, 2017

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Looking for a special feature to add to your website or multimedia presentation? Want to maximize your client's multimedia experience? Here at TechNews we showcase current trends that are being utilize by graphic designers, web designers, and web developers. These features not only maximize visual performance but also include behind-the-scenes applications such as website visitor source & location tracking, key word analysis, advertisement platforms, and more. Some current trends are below:

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Google Analytics®

  • ApplicationWebsite Analysis
  • Developed byGoogle®
  • User Benefits ¬
    • → Visitor Analysis
    • → Source Tracking
    • → Custom Reports
    • → Internal Site Search
    • → Easy to Use Dashboard
    • → Free
  • Video TourGoogle Analytics®

Google Adsense®

  • ApplicationWeb Advertisement
  • Developed byGoogle®
  • User Benefits ¬
    • → Get Paid using Google® Ads
    • → Flexible Ad Customization
    • → Easy Implementation
    • → Performance Tracking
    • → Free
  • Video TourGoogle Adsense®

PollDaddy® with Facebook®

  • ApplicationAPI (Application Programming
  • Developed by PollDaddy®
  • User Benefits ¬
    • → Reach out to Millions of Users
    • → Advertise a Product or Service
    • → Easy Implementation
    • → Result Tracking
    • → Used on Multiple Platforms (i.e. Twitter®)
    • → Free*
  • Facebook APIPollDaddy on Facebook®

*Polls are Free. For Survey Questions – Additional cost may vary

→ Website Analysis

Google Analytics® is a powerful online application that lets you analyze traffic into your website. Set up is quick and easy. All that is needed is a free Google® account and you can begin right away.

Use Google Analytics® to find out how people find you: search engine, key word search, referral websites etc. Begin today!

  • → Visitor Analysis
  • → Source Tracking
  • → Custom Reports
  • → Browser Analysis
  • → Multiple Site Monitoring
  • → Easy to Use
  • → Free

→ Advertise On Your Site

Like to make extra money by advertising on your site? Google Adsense® is a free advertisement platform that displays Google® ads on your website. Sign up today and start generating revenue*.

* Revenue is based on Google's Terms & Agreement

→ Do Your Own Polling

Combine the power of Facebook® and the ingenuity of PollDaddy™ to conduct surveys and polls online. Polls can be done for free on Facebook®, easy to set up, unlimited, and a great way to promote your brand. Surveys vary on cost. A free account limits you to a number responses you can receive per month. To see PollDaddy's Terms and Agreement go to →

Improve Your Business

Millions of users are now using Facebook® and can be a rich environment for businesses looking to reach out to a wider audience. Use Facebook for:

  • → Name Recognition
  • → Press Releases
  • → Setting Events
  • → Forum Discussions
  • → Advertisement
  • → Survey Questions
  • → Polling Data
  • → General Information