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United Top Quality Construction Inc.

  • Client — United Top Quality
    Construction Inc.
  • Industry — General Contractor
  • Location — Vista, Ca

Summary ¬

United Top Quality Construction Inc. is a full-service construction company specializing in a complete range of building services for both commercial and residential communities. The company was established in 1988 but had not had an online presence and requested that a website be developed describing their services.

Design Work Summary ¬

United Top Quality Construction did not have any online presence and was need of a website to describe their services and to provide contact information. The design layout is using a tableless based HTML platform with current CSS standards.

Design Work Details ¬

  • → Custom Design Layout
  • → CSS Tableless Layout
  • → Image Composite & Retouch
  • → Flash Animation
  • → Custom Application Form (PHP)
  • → Google Analytics Tracking

Links ¬

Website: Having a website is only one part of a broader strategy when promoting your business. United Top Quality Construction has been around since 1988, but did not have an online presence. They wanted to fill this void because some of their referrals were listed in Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce but with no website to link to.


Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banner: The above is a 48" x 80" vinyl banner. Design work includes:

Magazine Ad

Magazine Advertisement: Above is a magazine ad posted in the local Chamber of Commerce's quarterly magazine. Most small to medium size businesses promote their services through organizations such as the local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.

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Millions of users are now using Facebook® and can be a rich environment for businesses looking to reach out to a wider audience. Use Facebook for:

  • → Name Recognition
  • → Press Releases
  • → Setting Events
  • → Forum Discussions
  • → Advertisement
  • → Survey Questions
  • → Polling Data
  • → General Information