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Inter-Lingua, LLC

  • Client — Inter-Lingua, LLC
  • Industry — Translations Services
  • Location — Carlsbad, Ca

Summary ¬

Inter-Lingua, LLC™ is a translation service company that provides a variety of important bilingual business support services to companies around the world - both large and small. They also own a subsidiary entity called Safety In Spanish with provides safety publications in Spanish.

Design Work Summary ¬

Inter-Lingua, LLC™ had requested that two of their sites, and undergo a design change. The layout was modernized using a table-less based HTML platform with current CSS standards.

Website Work Details ¬

  • → Custom Design Layout
  • → CSS Tableless Layout
  • → Image Composite & Retouch
  • → Flash Animation
  • → Custom Application Form (PHP)
  • → Javascript/JQuery implementation
  • → Google Analytics Tracking
  • → Social Network Integration

Links ¬

↑ Inter-Lingua Website: The Inter-Lingua website is a informational website. Its construct and layout is a table-less HTML platform using standard CSS.

→ Safety in Spanish: The Safety in Spanish website is a comprehensive website that includes a library of publication resources on various safety topics. Its layout is also based on a table-less CSS format.

JQuery Functionality: Portions of the website are driven by a high-end JavaScript library package called JQuery. Because of the large volume of library publications on the website, the JQuery functionality made the content more accessible without complicating the navigation for the user.

Paypal® Integration: A shopping cart system was integrated in the site. Paypal® being one of the most trustworthy and recognized shopping cart system was the choice system for Inter-Lingua because of its simplicity and name recognition.

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