Fri January 19, 2018

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Scarcella's Italian Grill

  • Client — Scarcella's Grill
  • Industry — Restaurant Services
  • Location — Temecula, Ca

Summary ¬

Aside from print advertising, another method employed by Scarcella's Italian Grill is email advertising. Email flyers can be easily designed and disseminated at a very low cost (depending on the number of email addresses) to sometimes no cost at all. MailChimp™ is one online company that can help you with your email advertising services.

Design Work Summary ¬

The flyer is a primarily a vector based image done with Adobe's Illustrator™. The image was then exported as a jpeg file format for easy dissemination by email.

Design Work Details ¬

  • → Color Sampling
  • → Vector Imaging

Links ¬

E-Flyers are a cost effective means for small to medium size business owners to reach out to their customer base. E-Flyers are not robust in terms of heavy graphic art. They can be simple and straight to the point.

↓The logo is an identity that people will remember you by. It is what defines you.