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Scarcella's Italian Grill

  • Client — Scarcella's Grill
  • Industry — Restaurant Services
  • Location — Temecula, Ca

Summary ¬

Scarcellas's Italian Grill has been serving the Temecula Valley for over 35 years. From birthday coupons to promotional fliers, print advertising is one of the main advertisement mediums used by Scarcella's Grill. Print advertising has been one of the successful methods it uses to retain current customers. For 2011, they wanted to use the calendar concept to get their name and brand out on a more frequent visual basis.

Design Work Summary ¬

The 11" by 24" Calendar to the right is mainly a vector based image done with Adobe's Illustrator. Photo retouched images were imported in. The final piece was outputted as a PDF for mass printing.

Design Work Details ¬

  • → Color Sampling
  • → Image Composite
  • → Photo Retouch
  • → Vector Imaging

Links ¬

Calendar: Calendars are a great way to promote one's business, particularly if they are kept in a prominent area such as an employee lounge. They are also useful cause they are kept up during the course of the year, thus increasing the chances of frequent recognition. Unlike specialty promotions that target a specific day or event, with calendars you are able to stretch your visibility with a limited advertising budget.

Design Process:
The calendar was built with Adobe's Illustrator® because of its powerful vector tool functionality. Photo images were retouched in Photoshop® and imported later as supplemental graphics. The design went under a series of color samples and image compositions to get the right feel and ambiance.

Product Labels:
Like calendars, product labels are another good advertising medium to promote the business name. Here we did a wine label for Scarcellas's Grill™.

Below is label design that was also done for Scarcella's own in-house restaurant sauce.



E-Flyer: The above is an Email Flyer which can be another cost effective means for businesses to promote themselves on a limited advertisement budget. To read more click here.

Wedding Brochure

Brochure: Above is a wedding brochure that was done for Scarcella's Grill™. This is a 10 page open spread layout. Design work includes:

To read more click here.

Improve Your Business

Millions of users are now using Facebook® and can be a rich environment for businesses looking to reach out to a wider audience. Use Facebook for:

  • → Name Recognition
  • → Press Releases
  • → Setting Events
  • → Forum Discussions
  • → Advertisement
  • → Survey Questions
  • → Polling Data
  • → General Information