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Monterey Financial

  • Client — Monterey Financial
  • Industry — Financial Services
  • Location — Oceanside, Ca

Summary ¬

Since 1989, Monterey Financial Services, a consumer finance company, has been providing comprehensive financial solutions to consumer retailers across multiple industries through the delivery of three complimentary services: consumer receivables financing, loan servicing, and delinquent debt collections.

Design Work Summary ¬

Monterey Financial requested touch up changes to their current website. They sought to redo their banners on each of their pages to modernize the look and feel for potential customers browsing the internet.

Design Work Details ¬

  • → Color Sampling
  • → Image Composite
  • → Photo Retouch

Links ¬

Web banners: Web Banners can do a lot to add color to your website without having to change the whole design of the site itself. Some companies often change the main header banner every so often as to give the customer experience a refreshing appeal each time their site is revisited.

Design Process: As with any print design, web banners undergo the same process of designing: color sampling, layout presentation etc. With web banners you are often limited in terms of space, and thus – communicating a message with the appropriate white space and images, while at the same time making it look appealing, makes designing web banners an art within itself.


Monterey Brochure

Monterey Brochure: The above is tri-fold brochure 11" x 8.5". Design work includes:

Web Banner

Banner Advertisement: Above is a web advertisement banner posted on a separate external website. The banners are then linked backed to the advertising company. These banners can be done in any size as well with using Adobe's Flash® platform.

Improve Your Business

Millions of users are now using Facebook® and can be a rich environment for businesses looking to reach out to a wider audience. Use Facebook for:

  • → Name Recognition
  • → Press Releases
  • → Setting Events
  • → Forum Discussions
  • → Advertisement
  • → Survey Questions
  • → Polling Data
  • → General Information