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Contact us if you have any questions. Below is the pricing guide on what gets considered when we give you an estimate.

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Beetle Thumbs™ Web & Design is a small outfit tailored specifically towards the small to medium-sized business owner, therefore our relationship with you is personal. We will do our best to help you with your needs.

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Pricing Guide

Pricing is based on several factors. The primary factor is the 'workload', in terms of time and labor, required to complete a requested project. When evaluating the workload, we take into account the complexity of the client's desires. Our initial estimate does not include stock photography that may be needed for their print flyer or website. This cost is passed to the client. We do not purchase photos however, until the client approves them first. We will give you the total of what is required to purchase photos before we purchase them.

Clients may incur additional and reoccurring cost for specific applications required to fulfill their needs. This applies mainly to websites i.e. annual domain registration, hosting cost, paid subscriptions to a shopping cart system etc. Below are example factors built in a client's cost for a website:

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About Me

Hi, I’m Lou Sanchez, creator of Beetle Thumbs™. The name Beetle Thumbs was born by inspiration by literally “twiddling my thumbs”. I couldn’t help but admire the body’s natural symmetry and its similarity to one of nature’s creations...and shortly after, “Life Became Art”.

Beetle Thumbs™ is literally a one person shop, so as a small business owner I, myself, understand many of the concerns business owners have starting on their own. I personalize the process to give you a custom fit for your graphic and web design needs.

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